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25-4-2024 Notice for 2nd and 4th semester student regarding first internal exam Schedule .
10-4-2024 Holiday on account of Eid-ul-Fitar 2024.
10-4-2024 Notice for 4th and 6th sem students regarding 1st internal examination.
10-4-2024 Notice for 2nd sem students regarding 1st internal examination.
10-4-2024 Notice regarding pending dues of 2,4,and 6th sem students.
10-4-2024 Notice regarding pending dues of 8th sem students.
10-4-2024 Notice regarding Sessional examinations.
2-4-2024 Notice regarding lnspection by AICTE 2024.
2-4-2024 Notice regarding blood donation camp 2024.
29-2-2024 Notice for 2nd and 3rd year students of Electrical Engineering.
23-2-2024 Notice for B.Tech and MBA student regarding registration fees.
30-1-2024 Annual sports at Srinix 2024 .
21-1-2024 Online training of high end-end digital course for student .
21-1-2024 Half day college close for Soul Installation of Rama Lalla.
19-1-2024 Notice for all 5th sem student regarding BPUT Exam.
19-1-2024 Notice for all HODs and final year student regarding Major project
27-12-2023 Notice for MBA student
27-12-2023 MBA Exam 2023-2024
27-12-2023 1st semester Exam Scheduled 2023-2024
27-12-2023 3rd semester Exam Scheduled 2023-2024
27-12-2023 Notice for 3 rd & 1stsem student regarding BPUT end Semester Examination
20-12-2023 Notice for 5 th sem student regarding Semester Examination
18-12-2023 Beware of fraud calls regarding payment of dues/fines in name of Srinix Engineering college
16-12-2023 Talk on New Education Policy-2020.
9-12-2023 Notice regarding BPUT Exam.
7-12-2023 2nd internal Exam of 5th sem students
4-12-2023 Notice for Prathamastamai
29-11-2023 Notice for 1 st & 3 rd Sem Student for their semester registration
29-11-2023 Notice for 7 th Sem Student to clear all final year dues
28-11-2023 2nd Internal Exam for 7 th Sem Student
23-11-2023 Study Tour of 2nd yr. Computer Science & ENgineering
20-11-2023 A one day orientation lecture on"Developing Entrepreneurship skili attiiude, and beiavior and programme"
9-11-2023 workshop on Computer Assembling for 5th & 7th sem. students
18-10-2023 Notice for Odd semester Internal Exam 2023.
06-10-2023 Notice for 5th and 7th students for regarding registration and dues
03-10-2023 Notice for the student for participating in Amrit Kalas Yatra
25-09-2023 Expert talk on stress management
7-09-2023 BPUT academic calenclar for the year 2023-24
5-09-2023 BPUT vide
1-09-2023 Notice for the induction programme
5-08-2023 Notice for College Timing
2-08-2023 Notice for Upcoming Even Semester Examination-2022-23
27-07-2023 Notice to all students and staff members on the eve of Muharram on 29-07-2023
14-07-2023 Notice for the Mechanical Student to attend the seminar
23-5-2023 Notice for the student not doing lab classess
2-5-2023 Notice to the 6th semester student for the seminar
3-4-2023 Notice to the 1st semester student for collecting clearance
25-1-2023 Observation of Republic Day-2023
25-1-2023 Internal Examination Schedule
10-1-2023 Campus Interview
2-1-2023 Supplimentary Examination of 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22.
21-12-2022 Attention for 1st, 3rd , 5th semester students
14-12-2022 Notice for 2nd,3rd4th semester student of Civil Engg to attain semeinar.
12-12-2022 Blood Donation Camp on 17-12-2022.
2-12-2022 Notice for all Students and Staff Members Regarding Annual Sports.
23-11-2022 Notice for 1st and 3rd Semester Students for Re-Checking of Answer Scripts.
14-11-2022 Exam Schedule of 2nd Semester 2021-2022 from 18-11-2022 to 03-12-2022 .
14-11-2022 Exam Schedule of 4th Semester 2021-2022 from 17-11-2022 to 06-12-2022 .
29-10-2022 Technical Talk on Advanced Wireless Communication organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering on 5-11-2022.
10-10-2022 Campus Interview Notice.
1-10-2022 Notice For 2nd and 4th semester students pratical Exam.
30-09-2022 Notice Regarding College Timing
29-09-2022 Faculty Development Programme
30-09-2022 Notice for Durga Puja and Kumara Purnima
14-09-2022 Notice Regarding Post Metric Scholarship
14-09-2022 Notice Regarding Celebration of Biswakarma Puja at College Premises.
12-09-2022 Final Schedule for 6th Semester Students
08-09-2022 Notice of 6th Semester Students for attending Extra Class.
02-09-2022 6th Semester Examination Notice
30-08-2022 Notice for Staffs and Students on occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi & Nua Khai.
24-08-2022 1st Internal Examination Schedule for 6th Semester Students.
22-Aug-2022 One Day Awareness Program on Drug De-addiction.
17-Aug-2022 Notice for Staffs and Students on eve of Janmashtami
13-Aug-2022 Notice for Staffs & Students for Observing Independence Day 2022
10-Aug-2022 Notice for Staffs and Students on eve of Rakhaya Bandhana
10-Aug-2022 Notice for Students for Cancellation of Transport Facility
08-Aug-2022 Notice for Staffs and Students on eve of Moharram
05-Aug-2022 One Day Seminar on "Sacrifice of Freedom Fighters for India's Independence
05-Aug-2022 Technical Talk on "Building Planning, Structural Design & Modelling
04-Aug-2022 One Day Webinar on "Core Industry Expections from Fresh Engineers" Organized by Tata Power & Department of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
03-Aug-2022 Online Registration for Even Semester Regular/Back Examination-2021-22(2nd Phase)
28-Jul-2022 Result Notice of Even Semester (Regular/Back) Examination
23-Jul-2022 Upcomming Events 23-07-2022
22-Jul-2022 Postponement of Supplimentary Examination & Extension of Online Registration of 2019-20 & 2020-21 Final Year Students
14-Jul-2022 Celebration of World Youth Day on Dt.14-07-2022
08-Jul-2022 Notice for Bahuda Yatra 08-07-2022
08-Jul-2022 Notice for Occasion of Youth and Entrepreneurs 08-07-2022
05-Jul-2022 Notice for Working Hour 05-07-2022
05-Jul-2022 Notice for Hostel Boarders 05-07-2022
02-Jul-2022 Notice for job fair 02-07-2022
29-Jun-2022 Notice for publishing College Bulletin 29-06-2022
11-Jun-2022 Reminder for 6th semester classes 11-06-2022
11-Jun-2022 Notice for Raja Festival 11-06-2022
06-Jun-2022 Notice for 6th Semester Students 06-06-2022
06-Jun-2022 Campus Interview 06-06-2022
04-Jun-2022 On-Line Registration for Supplementary Examination for 2019-20 and 2020-21 Final Year Students 04-06-2022
04-Jun-2022 Campus Interview 04-06-2022
03-Jun-2022 Time Table for 6th Semester 2021-2022, 03-06-2022
25-May-2022 Tentative Schedule for 1st and 3rd Semester University Examination 25-05-2022
24-May-2022 Notice for Commencement of 6th Semester Classes 24-05-2022
13-May-2022 Notice for 5th Semester regular back Examination Schedule 13-05-2022
12-May-2022 Notice for Students and staffs for 5th Semeter Examination 12-05-2022
04-May-2022 Notice for 1st and 3rd Semester Students for Special Class Test 04-05-2022
30-APR-2022 Notice for 7th Semester Student for 7th Semester Examination Results 30-04-2022
29-APR-2022 Notice for Rescheduling of 5th Semester Student for Semester Examination 29-04-2022
27-APR-2022 Notice for 1st and 3rd Semester Students for Revision Class 27-04-2022
19-APR-2022 Notice for MORNING CLASS FROM 20-04-2022
12-APR-2022 Notice for 5th Semester Student for Semester Examination 12-04-2022
23-Mar-2022 Notice for Students and Staff Members for Municipalty election 23-03-2022
12-Mar-2022 Notice for Campus Interview 12-03-2022
22-Feb-2022 Notice for 7th Semester Student for Semester Examination 22-02-2022
14-Feb-2022 Notice for 7th Semester Student for Mode of Semester Examination 14-02-2022
11-AUG-2021 notice for OFFLINE CLASS FROM 19-08-2021
08-Feb-2021 notice for 1st and 3rd semester students
29-Jan-2021 notice for all students
29-Jan-2021 1st internal online Examination Schedule-2020-21(odd)for 1st semester
22-Jan-2021 Raminder Notice regarding final year project.
05-Jan-2021 Notice regarding final year project.
16-Dec-2020 Notice regarding 5th & 7th semester BPUT examinations for the session 2020-21.
16-Dec-2020 Notice regarding commencement of 3rd semester classes for the session 2020-21.


KDM, ETD-4th sem, ME Course Material on Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines and Engineering Thermodynamics by Prof. B K Giri
OB-4th sem Course Material on Organizational Behavior by Prof. Sk Sabir Mohammad
NT-4th sem, EE/EEE/ETC Course Material on Network Theory by Prof. Prashanta Kumar Tripathy
EEC-4th sem, ME Course Material on Engineering Economics & Costing by Prof. Sumanta Ku Das

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