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Campus Interview Calendar 2013-2014
30/05/2014 - Placement Drive by 'Tech Mahindra'
08/05/2014 - Placement Drive by 'Ramtech'
03/05/2014 - Placement Drive by 'Karad Auto Components'
24/04/2014 - Placement Drive by '3G Systems' Bangalore
08/04/2014 - Placement Drive by 'Airtel Telesonic Networks Ltd'
Placement Drive by 'Shyama Web Technology'
24/02/2014 - Placement Drive by 'IMOS Technology'
Complete Notes on JAVA by Sourav Kumar Giri
Complete Notes on Object Oriented Programming Using C++ by Sourav Kumar Giri
Complete Notes on Data Communication and Computer Network by S K Giri.
Lab Manual of Basic Electrical Engineering LAB
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